Top 3 Leaky Shower Repairers

Leaky Shower Repairs


Brisbane, QLD

A leaky shower can turn out to be much more of a headache than just an annoying constant drip! Left unattended the water damage from so called ‘small leaks’ could eventually lead to structural damage. This is such a common home occurrence that they are 1 of the top 3 most common home insurance claims. Waterproofing has been identified as a major issue in the building industry and at best it will last only 10 years. Plumbing and repair costs can quickly add up and can even add up to the cost of a new bathroom!

According to one of the main reasons for the huge rise in Australian water damage claims is that “homeowners commonly focus on protecting their homes against fire and theft through locking devices, alarms systems and smoke detectors, while there is far less focus on protecting homes from water damage.”* That means that to prevent further damage and avoid structural damage and large costs, it is best to address these issues at the first signs of a leak. These could be in the form of things such as mould, paint discoloration or peeling, cracks or a visible drip. If one or more of these signs are identified, what should you do? Thankfully, nowadays there are options for remedial waterproofing needs and to assist we have listed the top Remedial Waterproofing specialists in your area.

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